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ADU's or Accessory Dwelling Units are one of the top solutions  being utilized all over Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas. Investors and homeowners alike use ADU's to tackle the affordable housing crisis, as well as creating great rental property investments. Whatever your goal is, investing in an ADU has never been easier with the new state laws put into place.
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LA Creative Design Is Your One Stop Shop 
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Perks of Choosing Us

A One Stop Shop For All Your ADU Design & Construction Needs.

Free Consultation & Analysis

Schedule a free property analysis to find out how to best optimize your space. 

Quick & Efficient

We get through the permitting process quickly and efficiently.

Value Engineering

We design ADUs with the goal of maximizing space & utility, while keeping construction costs to a minimum. 
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Licensed & Bonded

Our team of in-house architect, engineer, and contractors are all licensed & verified.

A-Z Service

We are a one stop shop, we will manage everything from concept to completion.
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Personal Project Consultant

Your time and trust is important. You'll be assigned a personal project consultant. They will manage your project from start to finish.


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Why our clients keep coming back!

"As someone new to the world of brand new construction/ development, I was feeling a bit lost, not knowing where to start. But LA Creative Design stepped in and made the whole process much smoother than I could have imagined." - Google

David S.

"Ben was easy to talk to, very knowledgeable of local rules and limits, and was able to present a fair cost potential & revenue of such project. I encourage anyone looking for a licensed group for this type of project to give him a try." - Google

Manuel N.

"Ben and Karthik are a dream to work with. Ben was EXTREMELY helpful and patient in all our conversations leading up to choosing his team to design our ADU."

James R.

"LA Creative Design provided outstanding service in designing the plans for my new home. I was highly satisfied with their expertise and attention to detail. The permitting process was quick and efficient. Highly recommend their services." - Google

Chance H.

"Ben and Greta visited me regarding an ADU project. They both were very professional and spent a good amount of time talking to me and my husband" - Yelp

Nayana W.

"Highly recommend for design skills, and sustainability! ask for Ben!" -Yelp

Angie M.

Perks of building an ADU in Los Angeles

Additional source of income

Building an ADU is a great way to earn additional income passively. ADUs can be utilized for both short and long term rentals. Short term rentals are less stable but can provide a large sum of income. Long term term rentals provide decent and stable income.

Cost-effective expansion

ADUs are much more cost-effective than purchasing a larger home. This can translate to higher property value, especially in high-cost real estate markets such as Los Angeles.

Additional living space for family

There is a great appeal in the versatility ADUs offer to properties. A broader range of buyers for instance families may see the ADU as a great place to house an aging relative, or grown children.

The process of building an ADU in Los Angeles

1. Free consultation/property analysis & assignment of personal project consultant.

Your personal project consultant will be with you every step of the way from design to construction. They'll ensure your project is completed on a timely basis with no headaches. You'll receive a free property analysis that'll provide you with the most cost effective ADU options for your property.

2. Architectural design & engineering.

Our in house architect, engineering, and your personal project consultant will make sure your ADU is designed just the way you want it! The ADU will be designed to meet all of Los Angeles's codes and ordinances.

3. Plan submittal & clearance

Your ADU plans are submitted to Los Angeles and we'll handle the paperwork and provide you with regular updates as your plans go through the approval process.

4. Building your ADU!

Constructing your ADU will be a breeze with LA Creative Design as one of the most reliable ADU builders in Los Angeles County and Los Angeles.

5. Final inspection & handing off the keys to your new ADU!

Your personal project consultant will walk the city inspector through your property to ensure that your ADU is up to city code and hand you the keys to your brand new ADU! 

What are some important notes for planning an ADU in Los Angeles?

Since early in 2016 getting ADU plans approved in Los Angeles is much easier and has never been simpler. 

The most difficult phase of building an ADU(Accesory Dwelling Unit) was the planning and permitting process with new laws being introduced each each the process has never been easier. With the help of your personal project consultant, the approval process can take on average between 30 -180 days in Los Angeles. In certain cases properties can have multiple ADUs or JADUs depending on zoning.
All ADUs are required one parking space. The only exception is when an ADU is located under with half a mile of public transportation. Parking can be both covered or uncovered in Los Angeles.
In Los Angeles ADU unit size cannot exceed 1200 square feet. The added ADU floor area cannot exceed 50% of the existing living area. Living area is referring to the living area of the existing house on your property. In Los Angeles accessory dwelling units can be between 150-1200 square feet. 
All ADUs in California are required to meet title 24 energy efficiency standards. Which are provided by the California Energy Commission every 3 years.

LA Creative Design Is Your One Stop Shop 
For All Design & Construction Needs!

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